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Target Addiction Treatment Center

Target Addiction Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol treatment program that is located at 710 NW Wall St suite 720C Irondequoit, NY 97701. You can contact Target Addiction Treatment Center by calling (585) 286-2931.

Types of ServicesSpecial Programs/Groups: Residential Beds for Children, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Day Treatment, Residential Long Term Treatment, Women, Residential Short Term Treatment, Pregnant Women, Criminal Justice Clients, Spanish Speaking, Methadone Detox, General Health Services
Payment AssistancePayment Assistance: Sliding Scale Fees

Every Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab Facility in Irondequoit offers different services and treatment plans for drug and alcohol addiction. Finding the right Irondequoit Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab Program for your specific need is important to achieving a full recovery and getting the most out of your treatment. Our Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Program database provides answers to many questions about Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab Programs in Irondequoit. If you still have questions regarding which Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment Facility in Irondequoit is right for you, we have a staff of Registered Drug Counselors that can help you. Call our toll-free number to speak to someone right away. All calls are confidential and completely free of charge. Our staff of Addiction Counselors are available 24/7, 365 days a year... because some things are too important to wait.

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Target Addiction Treatment Center
710 NW Wall St suite 720C Irondequoit, NY 97701

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